to burgeritchi.neocities.org! i am evvy, the webmaster of this virtual internet corner. i made this site because of my love of coding + as a digital encompassment of my person! this is is obviously still a wip as it was only started a couple weeks ago but i am very passionate about its development!

i made this site with the intention to store my brain and passions and interests on it! its my own little world, its the digital incarnation of me :3

the name "burgeritchi" comes from my favorite comfort food, BURGERS!!!!, and one of my current biggest special interests,TAMAGOTCHIS!!!
(i love both dearly)
i personally started coding around 2020/2021 but i rly haven't touched it since early 2022
(so pls excuse if anything is buggy or wrong)...
i got into htmlcss through coding carrds and inspiration from my mutuals, using these basics i decided to jump back in and make a neocities!! and i am so happy, i've missed it a lot. i love coding and neocities and carrds bc of all the creativity, you get to make everything your own!!!! i have actually wanted to make a neocities since 2021, so i am fulfilling a dream of mine! i love putting myself into everything i do with coding, i want it to be reflective of me. and while i do still enjoy modern social media, i miss the personalization of it all. i am obsessed with late 90s/early 00s internet and tech!!!!
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update log
6.16.24  i think im finally finished/feel good about my webmaster page!! i think next i shall move onto my blog..... 6.5.24  started working on my gf's neocities!! u can find their button farther down on my homepage!!!
6.4.24  lots of things added.. i shouldve kept better track but ive added the navi, welcome box, updates, status and link button, to-do box, chat box and fanlistings in the past almost month!! as well as fixed layout issues and links :3 will keep better track of updates now that this is set up!
5.11.24  website version 1.0 was started!
This webmaster is currently
feeling: The current mood of burgeritchi at www.imood.com
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- finish homepage
- about me page
- finish finding graphics
- make site button
- finish fanlistings








this is the button to my girlfriends neocities!! go check it out!!!! i helped them start it but she has taken off running and coded almost all of it herself!!!! im so proud, and its so cool too!! shes a creative genius.